Email Your Senators - Protect Country of Origin Labeling - Food & Water Watch

As Congress works to pass a budget bill, special interests are trying to highjack the process — and the meat industry is trying to use this opportunity to get rid of country of origin labeling.

We deserve to know where our food comes from, and we need our Senators to stand up and ensure that mandatory country of origin labeling remains in effect so U.S. consumers have clear information about what they’re buying.

Email your Senators to urge them to protect Country of Origin Labeling.

Tell the EPA: Allow a carbon tax and make big polluters pay

The EPA recently put forward a rule to significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the EPA would allow states to use a carbon tax to comply with the rule.

A carbon tax would make polluters pay for the damage they are inflicting on the environment and public health — so that people like us don’t bear these costs. Clearly, it makes environmental and economic sense.

You can help make the rule better: Tell the EPA to allow a carbon tax!